Channel Istanbul Project, Turkey - Partnership With China Will Do?

Channel Istanbul Turkey's mega projects continue to take place last-minute developments in the project.

New developments are taking place in Kanal Istanbul project. While the appetite of Chinese companies increased in the project, the US pressure continues in the project to be conducted with the Public Private Partnership.
America and China Faced!
It is stated that American companies are also pressing for a share of the project, which is a great investment value, and offers are coming from Chinese companies. As will be recalled, Huang Songfeng, the Commercial Attaché of the People's Republic of China, who made a statement in the past days, announced their interest in the project. Stating that they want to work with the Turks very much, Songfeng said, "Under the system of China's market economy, companies do or do not do anything in their best interests.

If they can make good money in a good environment, they will gladly do it. In this respect, I have no doubt. Collaboration must be on a win-win basis, and I believe there is a great deal of interest from the Chinese in all the issues you are talking about right now. They are still talking and meeting. Why shouldn't business people do it when it's a win. Our companies are mainly involved in the construction of road and bridge projects, power plants, energy highway and railway. Turkey is an opportunity for us.
In recent days, some of the Chinese that says to me, 'I saw on television the exchange too hard is not a war in the southern' I do not worry you I would say that we see much clearer them with you here, but you will see you with your own eyes rather than look to newspapers for the best television saying, "Turkey grows as an opportunity.

 Will Channel Istanbul Tender Date be announced in 2020?
Before the completion of 2019, Kanal Istanbul tender date is still unclear. The 2020 expectation for the final tender date of the project has gained weight.

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