Chinese Biance Stock Exchange started to trade in Turkish Lira (TL)

If you want to trade with TL on the Binance exchange you can transfer money using your Papara account. Binance and Papara integration starts this week

After Huobi opened the transactions in Turkish Lira in the last months, the famous Binance Stock Exchange started trading in our country. Binance will accept TL over the brokerage house.


TL transactions started
Together with the innovation announced on the day that its founder Changpeng Zhao was at a conference in Istanbul, TL deposit and withdrawal transactions on the Binance exchange becomes possible through Papara platform.

Binance, which makes the choice of a brokerage firm instead of a direct agreement with a bank, does not take the burden of money transactions. Papara is also used in many crypto money exchanges in our country.

Users will be able to cash in one of the BNB, BTC, ETH and XRP trading pairs after transferring TL to their Binance portfolio via Papara. They will then be able to switch to all pairs in which the money is in operation. For shopping with Papara, the KYC step in the stock exchange must be completed. They also have at least 100TL transaction limit. Papara integration has started in web and mobile applications.

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