Foreigners Can Buy Land in Turkey?

Foreign (foreign nationals) Turkey from houses, shops, offices, factories, hotels and so on. they can buy real estate as well as Land.


However, a very important point is overlooked by many foreign investors:
Natural persons, foreign nationals, have to submit the project to be developed for the unstructured immovable property (land, field) they have purchased within two years to the approval of the relevant ministry (Municipality, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture). Otherwise, the state has the right to reclaim this property free of charge.

After the citizens of foreign nationality have decided to buy the land-field, an annotation is recorded in the title deed of the immovable that the project will develop within 2 years on the land.
There are some restrictions on the purchase of land by foreigners. One of them can buy a real estate of up to 30 hectares nationwide and a natural person of foreign nationality and be entitled to a limited in-kind.

Another restrictive issue is that the Land Registry Directorate should ask the competent commander whether there is a military ban or security zone and whether a positive response is required for the acquisition.


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