Gebze-Halkalı train line raises property prices in the region

Gebze-Halkalı train line was put into service. The route, which reduces the journey time on the 76 kilometers long route to 115 minutes, also affected the housing prices. Between 2013-2019, the prices in the districts where the station increased by more than 100 percent.

Gebze-Halkalı Commuter Train Line, which was opened in March, also affected the real estate sector. The line reduced the road between the 76 km Gebze-Halkalı, which was 185 minutes to 115 minutes, and both the rents and sales prices of the nearby houses increased. Real estate appraisal company TSKB examined the price changes in individual districts. Prices in the European side increased by 68 percent to 199 percent from 2013 to the present. Price increase in the Anatolian side rose up to 134 percent.

European side ahead

In 6 years, prices in second-hand houses increased by 199 percent in Yeşilköy, 186 percent in Küçükçekmece Paradise and 122 percent in Halkalı on the European side. On the Anatolian side, 134 percent in Üsküdar, 104 percent in Göztepe, 103 percent in Erenköy, 119 percent in Gebze increased. In some parts of the Anatolian side, we see that prices have not increased as much as expected in recent years or even decreased. When we look at the years 2016-2019, the value increases lag behind compared to the first 3 years. Prices in Bostancı declined 12 percent in 3 years, while the decline in Üsküdar reaches 20 percent. According to real estate appraisers, the increase in the supply of luxury housing in these regions was effective in price decreases.

Evaluating the impact of the suburban line on real estate prices, TSKB Real Estate Appraisal General Manager Makbule Yönel Maya stated that the impact of the project on the price increase especially in the development walls of the city is clearer. , It is possible to say that the increase in the value of the projects that provide transportation to the city center from the farthest points of the city is more in the walls. The main reason for this is that housing prices in the walls are more accessible. With the launch of the line, we can say that Tuzla, which is the transfer point on the Anatolian side, is the region where real estate prices are affected the most. The increase in value in Üsküdar stands out compared to other regions. On the European side, the Halkalı region appears to be more affected by the project. Of course, as we get closer to the city center, it is not a right approach to link the effects of value change to a single line or a single project. ”


The commuter train line between Haydarpaşa and Gebze, which has been in service since 1969, was closed after its last expedition on June 19, 2013. Simultaneously, a start was given between Zeytinburnu and Halkalı. Renovation works started on the line which is planned to be integrated with Marmaray. On March 12, Gebze Halkalı Railway Line was opened.


HALKALI-Gebze line in the vicinity of Halkalı and Mustafa Kemal stations 3 thousand 450 pounds per square meter is possible to find houses. There is more choice on the Anatolian side. 3 thousand 200 pounds per square meter price in Tuzla, 2 thousand 375 pounds in Gebze, 2 thousand 238 pounds in Osmangazi, 2 thousand 900 pounds in Icmeler, 2 thousand 700 pounds in Guzelyali. When we look at how many years the investment pays for itself, one of the most advantageous regions is the 18-year depreciation period in Halkalı and 19 years in Mustafa Kemal.

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