Real estate prices will rise in 2020 in Turkey

While the number of new construction permits is decreasing rapidly, the housing stock continues to melt. Expectations for the construction sector and housing sales are expected in 2020.

Experts say that the number of new construction permits decreased at a record rate after declining housing sales figures; "Our housing stock was especially high in Istanbul. Even though the housing sales decreased, it still seems to be close to 1 million annually. The number of licenses obtained in the last year and this year has decreased significantly. There has been a decline of around 80. That is to say, sales continue while there is not much new housing production.


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Expressing that housing prices have fallen to the bottom, Yilmaz said that the investment in housing has always earned, "When you look at the real estate, it has never been damaged in the last 25 years, it has always won. Other investment tools have been lost from time to time, but there is no such situation in the house. Especially in 2020 housing sales will always be upward, "he said.

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