Turkey's domestic automobile started off the highway on Friday

Turkey's domestic automobile electric cars made by Venture Group, the Informatics Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Kocaeli's Gebze district by the Valley will be presented at a ceremony on Friday.

Erdogan, using the car, Osmangazi Bridge was learned to pass. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's initiative in 2017, the Initiative Group Automobile Industry and Trade Co. (TOGG) protocol was signed. Anadolu Group, BMC, Root Group, Turkcell, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association in partnership with the 25 Zorlu Group Founded in June 2018 the company's activities, moved to the IT Valley in Gebze. TOGG aims to design and build electric and connected vehicles, reset emissions and create a sustainable future.


Prototype prepared C segment car, will be introduced on Friday in the Valley of Informatics. Electric ones, intellectual and industrial property rights belonging to Turkey's completely vehicles Cars Initiative Group, will be in real size and vehicle running. The vehicle is intended to be manufactured in 2022 and the number of models to be multiplied. Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, posing in front of the local car in the tarpaulin in the IT Valley, President Erdogan's vehicle after the introduction, using the Osmangazi Bridge is expected to pass.

The car's name and turkey 'TOGG2022' a Twitter account with the user name opened. A picture of the domestic otonun lights burned from the account was shared. Discarded Tweetter was transferred the following information: "The countdown has begun to meet with Turkey's automobile ... Every day, continue to follow us to discover new details in 14:30."



Among the first suits of the domestic car were the taxi drivers in Istanbul. Istanbul Taxi Chamber of Craftsmen (ITO) President Eyup Aksu, approximately 17 thousand 395 taxi license plate in Istanbul, 50 thousand drivers and 250 thousand people representing the family of artisans underlined that they represent. Aksu said, olarak As the sector, we are very excited. It was a long-awaited project. We would like to explain in advance that we will support the domestic automobile which will constitute a turning point on behalf of our country. We do not need to see domestic cars, we already demanded 17 thousand vehicles, kul he said.

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