What are the most profitable investment in Turkey

What is the best investment in Turkey? What are the investment incentives in Turkey ahead?

Investment incentives, allowing you to achieve the best investments in Turkey

Turkey, which distinguishes it from other countries with unique investment incentives we see below:

What kind of investments in Turkey?

Investments in Turkey from agriculture and food industry, general trade, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, communication and information, and many other areas varies between different:

Property investment  Is the best investment in Turkey?

There are many reasons for the increase in the demand for Turkish citizenship through investment opportunities, and to summarize:

Due to the current economic situation in Turkey, which is a gradual decline in the value of the Turkish lira; real estate prices have also witnessed a relatively sharp decline, which offers foreign investors reasonable investment opportunities rather than talking about obtaining Turkish citizenship as a result of these investments.

Laws do not require investment in certain types or types of property; This is a foreign investor's housing, land, commercial buildings and so on. That means you are free to choose what you want from a wide variety of options.

The family members of the foreign investor are given the right to obtain Turkish citizenship with the investor. The only exception is the investor's sons older than 18 years.

Valuable note: The investor no longer has to be given as a condition for deciding whether to apply for citizenship through real estate investment. The sales contract is sufficient to provide the investor with low-cost options and future feasibility by purchasing the property according to the engineering plan or projects that are traded at very low prices.


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