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A chance which is never going to happen again for to buy real estate in Turkey

  • by Admin
  • 07-05-2021

 During 2017 and 2021 the fever of buying property in the Turkey was rising up rocketly and flowingly the prices and exchange rates were dramatically changing each day. However due to the COVID-19 pandemic this trend was expecting to be stopped , just because the buyers are unsure about the near future they are just following the news instead of sharp action. So now all you need in this darkness is a wise and experienced consultancy and we are here for you to lead you step-by-step until the end of this road.

 We can assure you that the right investment at the right time is now and if you are thinking of investing your money in real estates in Turkey , it is time to take this bold And smart step now for three reasons:

First; in the light of the negative impacts of the coronavirus many construction companies have laid out attractive offers and discounts up to 30%

Second; because of the decline in the Turkish lire’s exchange rate against the dollar and because of the prices of apartments are given in Turkish Lira and having the comparison between Turkish Lira with any other Money rates' makes it to believe that the offers have become more affordable for everyone.

Third; Sharply after buying in this period of time before the end of 2021 you will notice a big positive multiplied change in the price of the apartment that you bought.

So don’t miss this opportunity by any chance.



After coronavirus new record in real estate sales in Turkey!
  • by Admin
  • 07-09-2020

Home sales broke double records with a low interest move. An all-time high in both credit and total sales came in July. Compared to last year, sales increased by 124.3 percent and became 229 thousand 357. 7,400 homes sold every day

During the normalization process of the public banks that started on June 1, double records were broken in housing sales with the effect of the mortgage loan campaign put into practice to support social life. In July, we reached an all-time high in both credit and total sales. Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to the country 20.7 percent compared to the previous month, the number of homes sold in July in general, has increased 124.3 percent compared to the same month last year. A total of 229 thousand 357 houses were sold in July. Every day, 7,400 people bought houses.

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Turkish Airlines announced that international flights will start operating on May 28.
  • by Admin
  • 14-05-2020

Turkish Airlines announced that international flights will start operating on May 28.



70% Of All Corona Patıents In Turkey Have Recovered So Far
  • by Admin
  • 14-05-2020

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca latest situation in Turkey 13 May on the chart announced his description of social media accounts. "Our number of patients in intensive care fell below 1,000 for the first time," Minister Koca said in a statement. used expressions.

The Number Of The Recovered Exceeded The 100,000 Mark ,By Reachıng 101,715


How to buy 30% discount real estate from Istanbul ?
  • by Admin
  • 07-04-2020

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, economically difficult days are being experienced all over the world. a period of reduced sales of real estate in Turkey.
These days, you can turn it into an opportunity by making the right investment!

Now buy real estate or apartments online in Istanbul, get up to 30% discount.

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Altın Türk Real Estate
The right investment for the future

Buy discounted apartment in Turkey
  • by Admin
  • 02-04-2020

This period may be the most appropriate time to buy real estate or apartment in Turkey.

Special prices in Istanbul are waiting for you. There is a discount of up to 30%.

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How Algerian Citizens can get a Visa of Turkey?
  • by Admin
  • 27-03-2020

Algeria is one of the countries that is able to get a Turkish electronic visa. If you are an Algerian citizen, you are not required to apply for a visa in a Turkish Embassy. Instead, you can do online from your home. By just using your computer or smartphone, with internet connection, you can get your eVisa for Turkey as quickly as 30 minutes.

Buy a property online and get discount up to 30%
  • by Admin
  • 26-03-2020

While coronavirus effects are experienced all over the world, there are new opportunities for your future.

Altın Türk real Estate offers you an attractive offer;

Buy apartments in Istanbul online and you can get up to 30% discount.

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What kind apartment for we should living after from coronavirus?
  • by Admin
  • 27-03-2020

A different future awaits the world after coronavirus? It seems so. So what should we plan for this new future?

First of all, "what kind of house should we live in?" need to start from the question.
To this day, we always wanted to "have a bigger apartment". We wanted to live more crowded in a bigger house. But perhaps this will not be the right choice anymore.



In smaller apartments, we will have to choose a safer life. For example; Live in the Small Studio Apartment.

The future may seem alarming, but life will continue and we humans will survive this.

Don't be late to plan the right future for yourself!

Now you can buy your new apartment online and with up to 30% discount!

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Hidden Paradise of Turkey; Ortaca
  • by Admin
  • 19-03-2020

About Ortaca

Ortaca is one of the most beautiful districts of Muğla province. Ortaca, which is on the border of the Mediterranean and Aegean regions, is equidistant from İzmir and Antalya. It is also in the middle of between Fethiye and Marmaris; As the name suggests, it took the name ORTACA. Ortaca has a position covering all of the trade, industry, tourism, agriculture and animal husbandry, natural and historical beauty. Ortaca after Milas, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum in Muğla Province where 12 districts are connected,
It ranks 5th in the branch of Commerce and Industry. The literacy rate in our district is one hundred percent and it is a place where social and cultural activities are intense. It has a very fertile plain due to its climate and soil structure. It is a distinctive feature that people are warm and welcoming. Therefore, Dalyan, Turkey's migration from many provinces have taken and was identified as a population of 40.649. The population of Ortaca is 48 thousand 373 and it has a ratio of 49.94% women and 50.06% men.
You can reach Sarıgerme Beach, Aşı Bay Beach and Iztuzu Beach in 15 minutes from Ortaca city center. In a 30-minute period, you can reach the plateaus or the rafting center on Dalaman Stream. If you wish, by air to Istanbul Ankara; If you want, you can go to Izmir and Antalya in the morning and return to the evening.
One of the most distinctive features of Ortaca is; Compared to other touristic regions, life in the district is cheap. For this reason, people come to Ortaca for shopping from neighboring districts and towns. Even workers, officers, citizens working in other districts and towns other than Ortaca prefer their homes from Ortaca and live here.


History of Ortaca
The place where Ortaca lands was located was within the borders of Caria in Antiquity. Hz. The King of Macedonia Alexander the Great, who empire for 12 years and 8 months before the birth of Jesus, in the Hellenistic period. He was one of the greatest commanders in history between 336 and 323. B.C. Macedonian lands within the borders of Karia, captured by Alexander the Great in 334, are also Macedonians. Later, it is under Egyptian rule in Ortaca, which is located in the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts owned by the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. B.C. In 192, the territory of Ortaca enters under Roman rule. When the Seljuk Turks entered Anatolia in 1100, Turkish armies under the command of the Seljuk Ruler Alpaslan Bey in the Battle of Malazgirt in 26 August 1071; The Anatolian gates are opened to Turks after the Byzantine Emperor Romanos Diogenis and his 200 thousand soldiers are defeated and distributed. Thus, it emerges from the borders of Eastern Rome with other Anatolian regions except Istanbul in Ortaca. Seljuk Turks dominate all of Anatolia.
Between 1261 and 1451, it remained under the control of Ortaca Menteşeoğulları in the Anatolian Principalities Period. In 1451, during the reign of the Ottoman Empire, during the reign of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, Ortaca, along with the Menteşe Principality, was included in the Ottoman territory. Menteşeoğlu Orhan Beyden buys the lands between Fethiye District and Ula District, Hasan Çavuş. Hasan Çavuş, the owner of the Ortaca land, bortaca_tarihu the region where the Akkuyu neighborhood is; Yellow Monopoly branch of Teke Tribe, one of the Nomadic Nomads, sells it to Cinaliler family. During the War of Independence, Ortaca was not affected by the occupation. 600 years after the breakup of the reign of the Ottoman Empire, the young Republic of Turkey established in 1923.
Ali is the name of the person who planted the camels, horses, mules and tents in the nomadic Cinaliler family. The talent of tailoring in this family, named as Dede Aliler, became famous in other villages; The name of Ortaca becomes “Tailor Aliler”. In those years, the residential area of ​​our district is where the traffic lights at the exit of Ortaca - Dalaman today and the Government Office today. In this region, there are 2 mills, 2 coffees, mosques, police stations and a few grocery stores and a farrier. Haşim Yılmaz is the first headman.
Meanwhile, Sabri Başoğlu from Denizli bought the places where today's Ortaca center is from Hasan Çavuş family. Terzialiler village starts to grow, because it is between Muğla and Fethiye, the name of the local Terziali is ORTACA; It transmits to Muğla Governor Recai Güreli.
In 1943, the Terzians were renamed ORTACA and became official, but also Nahiye; In 1987 it gained District status.


Tourism and Hotels
Ortaca is a district with a high tourism potential. You can reach Sarigerme Beach of Ortaca in 15 minutes and Iztuzu Beach from Ortaca in 25 minutes. You can also go to the Vaccine Bay in a 35-minute period. These 3 coastlines in our district are among the exemplary places in terms of nature, environment and sea cleaning. Especially Sarigerme Beach is a coastline with a Blue Flag. The 5-star hotels and motels are of great importance in terms of accommodation. Within the boundaries of Ortaca District, there are hotels, motels, pensions and apart hotels with a capacity of 30 thousand beds.

Vaccine, Bakardi, Dişibilmez and Kargicak bays are one of our virgin bays, which are untouched in nature and suitable for yacht tourism.

You can go to Iztuzu Beach from the canal located in Dalyan Neighborhood, which is connected to Ortaca, by boat trip. Along with the locals in the surrounding towns and districts, tourists come to the Ortaca Market on Fridays with the advice of the tour operators. Therefore, on Fridays, Ortaca Bazaar is the area of ​​interest for foreign tourists.

Another place to visit in Ortaca is the historical Atatürk Bridge on Dalaman Stream. The bridge, which was started to be built in 1934, still serves transportation today.

There are rock tombs, fortifications and historical remains belonging to the Caunos and Lycian periods in Ortaca.

Sulfur water, which comes out from underground in our natural riches, heals people. Daily (Sweetgum) Forests, which grow only in certain climates in the world, are located within the boundaries of our district.


Is it possible to buy a cheap apartment in Turkey?
  • by Admin
  • 20-03-2020

The processes experienced with the fluctuations in the economy and the effect of the corona virus have negative consequences all over the world.

The Government of Turkey; takes fast and reliable measures in this regard.

real estate investment in Turkey is still very profitable. Turkey's leading real estate company, offers attractive opportunities for this period.

When there are travel restrictions in many countries, you can buy online apartments and discount in Istanbul.

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Turkey took measures to coronaviruses
  • by Admin
  • 13-03-2020

The Government of Turkey, all necessary measures against the danger that surrounds the world is rapidly corona virus.

Presidential Spokesperson Kalin announced the measures taken at the meeting on the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), chaired by President Erdogan.

Education Interrupted
Primary, middle and high school schools will be on holiday for a week starting from March 16.
As of March 23, students will be provided with the opportunity to continue their education on the internet and television channels via the distance education method.
As of March 16, universities will be on vacation for 3 weeks.

Sports competitions will be played without spectators
Within the framework of the recommendations, evaluations and analysis of the experts, it was decided to play sports competitions without the audience until the end of April.

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