There is No Bad project , But there is bad marketing

The biggest risk in housing projects produced every day in the construction sector seems to be sales. Although many projects are completely finished, some of them cannot complete the sales at the project stage. Stating that marketing and sales have become very important in the construction sector with increasing projects, İsmail Altın, chairman of Altın Türk Real Estate, said that it is no longer a luxury but a necessity for companies in the sector to receive support in marketing and sales.

Stating that the projects that are finished in the sector but not sold are due to inaccuracies in sales and marketing strategies, Altın said that with a good marketing and sales strategy, each project can meet the buyers.
Referring to the negative effects of the desire of construction companies to manage each part of their projects on their own growth strategies in the short and long term, İsmail Altın stated that especially in sales and marketing, it is not a luxury that companies receive expert corporate support in an intense competitive environment and that adds strength to their companies.

İsmail bey Altın Türk Real Estate
As Altın Türk real estate investments, we are active in international real estate investments, production, sales and marketing of construction projects. In our sector, where we have left behind 15 years, we have produced thousands of houses, mainly in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, and sold them in different countries such as England, Ireland, the Netherlands, America, Canada and Spain.
Which markets do you focus on now?
Turkey has a large development times over the last 10 years. We have become a reputable country that has managed to break its shell and has appeared in the international arena. This positive change and development has been followed with great sympathy especially in Arab and Gulf countries in recent years. Besides the favorable weather brought by the reciprocity law aspects of foreign investors to Turkey in turn it has provided a great contribution.
We have over 15 years of international real estate sales experience with the last few years, turning to Arab and Gulf countries have evaluated. We organized fairs all over the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Together with these fairs, we provided high profit and profit partnerships to our investors and partners through our other sales and marketing strategies.
Opening abroad is an obligation for Turkish construction companies.
Turkey is experiencing a golden era in the construction sector in recent years. Awesome projects with qualifications that you cannot see in most European countries are being implemented one after the other. In the domestic market where such beautiful and special projects take place, the biggest danger will be about sales. In the market where the supply is so intense and competition is hardened, companies have to open up abroad and explain their projects there. Otherwise, it will be very common to see projects that are unfinished or completely finished but life cannot begin because there is no sale.
In the sector, what issues does Altın Türk Real Estate provide?
Doing business abroad, and housing marketing is a completely separate field of expertise. In order to be successful in this field, besides your experience in marketing and sales, you need to know the culture, traditions, principles and strong connections you intend to do business with. As I mentioned before, our 15 years have been spent abroad with housing sales and marketing. We, as the company, undertake the sale of the projects, what is needed to be done in relation to the sale of A to Z do. We carry out everything in the name of the contractor in an institutional manner, from the introduction of the project abroad, participation in fairs, organizing organizations, entertaining the incoming investors, passing the project, notary and ending the sales transactions. Thus, the contractor firm solves the sales problem in a healthy way and also gains time and finance to realize new projects.
In our opinion, there are no bad projects, only where there are unknown projects how to market. As Altın Türk Real Estate, we are working with our strength to produce solutions to the problems of companies in need in this field and to operate in line with a common goal.

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