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Citizenship by Investment Program

You can become a Turkish Citizen by purchasing one or multiple property in Turkey that is worth a minimum of $400,000.

Your Spouse and your children under the age of 18 will also be granted the Turkish Citizenship.

Your status as as Turkish citizen will remain throughout your life and your children will be born as Turkish Citizens.

Turkish citizenship accepts dual nationalities, You can keep your current citizenship alongside the Turkish Citizenship

Application Types To Acquire a Turkish Citizenship By Investment
Real Estate Investment Minimum $400,000

Step 1 - Obtain a Tax Registration Number
Step 2 - Opening a Turkish Bank Account
Step 3 - Finding the Property
Step 4 - Purchase of the Property
Step 5 - Acquire the Certificate of Conformity
Step 6 - Application For Turkish Residency
Step 7 - Application for Turkish Citizenship

A passport from Turkey lets you travel to 106 countries/territories without a prior visa.
It is ranked #48 in the world.

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•    It is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship by purchasing one or more than one real estate property; the total value of the real estate’s property should be minimum USD 400,000.00. (This amount is valid for real estate’s properties which has been purchased on or after 18.09.2018.)
•    In such transactions, while transferring property title deed to the buyer’s name, the $ exchange rate will determined by the Central Bank of Republic of Turkey on the same day.
•    The real estate to be purchased must be appraised by an appraisal company licensed by CMB (Capital Markets Board of Turkey).
•    While transferring property title deed to the Buyer's name, in Property Registration Department, one condition will add on it and that is: '' this property cannot be sold out for 3 years ''. One copy of this title deed document will register in Property Registration Department. This declaration you will submit to the Property Registration Department Will be as follows: 
•    “Hereby I  undertake that under Article 20 of the Regulation on Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law for 3 years, I shall not sell the real estate(s) which I purchased for the purpose of acquiring Turkish citizenship''.
•    The sales price should be paid through banks in Turkish Lira, and the payment receipt should be approved by the banks and submitted to the Property Registration Department. 
•    After purchasing of the property has been finalized and the condition added in the  title deed  document ,  'this property will not be sold out  for 3 years'',  the appraisal report, bank receipt and all other documents related to the transaction will submit  to the Foreigner’s  Property Registration Department  via  system, and a “Certificate of Conformity” will be sent to the Provincial Directorates of Migration Management and Civil Registration and Citizenship Affairs as well as to the e-mail address of the relevant person as soon as possible.

With this Certificate of Conformity, the property owner can apply for residence permit from Immigration department and apply for Turkish citizenship too.

Documents required for residence permit

Pursuant to Article 31 paragraph “j” of the Foreigners and International Protection Law no 6458;


  • Residence Permit Application Form
  • Certificate Of Conformity
  • Original and Photocopy Of Passport
  • 4 white Background Biometric photographs  (should be taken within the last 6 months)
  • Health Insurance
  • Property payment receipt note

For your information by arranging power of attorney in any Turkish notary, behalf of you, our company expert lawyers will follow all the process of your resident and citizenship till you receive passport.

Suitable Properties For Turkish Citizenship Program